Terrell Miller


My name is Terrell Miller and I am 11 years old in the 6th grade. I sing/rap (writing my own lyrics), act in plays, participate in sports, draw, and write. One thing I love to do most, is write. I like writing because I want people to see my creativity as I express myself. I think a writing group will really help me with my writing skills because I have always wanted to publish my very own art and ideas. Most of the books I make are graphic novels- because I enjoy reading all sorts of comics, especially Marvel. When I was younger, authors such as, Jeff Kinney, Lincoln Peirce, Jeffrey Brown, and Jennifer L. Holm inspired me to make my own characters and books. My younger brother and I, used to wake up early Saturday morning, brush our teeth and rush to the basement to make comics. Every now and then, I get a few pieces of printer paper and make a book with it. I just look back to those old books and say that I could’ve published that. I have completed few books over the years. One was an autobiography, and the others were a series of funny little comic books. My goal is to create and publish a whole series this year of my own graphic novels.



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